Car washes are even closed during certain periods, Laundromats are limited, These are prime examples of potential users of rain water Harvesting. The softest water will leave your car spotless; your cloths will be naturally softer.

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Bottled Beverages Concern It should be noted that many communities in the USA are banning commercial bottled water due to many concerns. One of the concerns of course is the abundance of discarded plastic bottles that require larger landfills, associated infrastructure and services. In many locations bottled water is more expensive than bottled beer or soda, and to think; making beer or soda requires a tremendous amount of raw water for production which does not even include the water in that drink. That production water becomes waste and enters our storm sewers.

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Thankfully there are some beverage plants that are converting to the use of rain water, and water recycling practices, a step in the right direction. It is also known that some communities outright prohibit beverage production facilities from even being started within that community due to the STRESS on existing water supplies.

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