Posted by: rainworks | September 26, 2015

Drinking Water Costs Will Forever Rise

One solution may be the adoption of Rain Water Harvesting. Could this Alternative fresh water solution help in the reduction of the energy costs of supplying drinking water. Not just industrial water use; for washing car parts, the manufacturing of bottled water containers, crop irrigation,  etc, but also the many other industries, businesses and government uses that use a municipalities processed drinking water for non drinking water uses.

Adding the collection of rainwater as a resource can alleviate much of the pressure demand on a Water Works system. I find the below article relating to drinking water costs are attributed to the cost of energy, and a more sustainable freshwater resource.

Small scale Conservation would also add a beneficial factor for analysis. an

One drop Facts:

  • 120 drops = 5mL

  • 1 gallon = 3785 mL

  • 90840 Drops in 1 Gallon

  • If a faucet dripped once a second how many gallons of water would it waste?

  • It would waste 347 Gallons of water a year!

  • 1 year ~ 31,536,000 seconds

  • 24 drops in 1 mL

  • 1 gallon/3785 mL X (1 mL/24 drops) X (1 drop/ 1 s) X (31,536,000 s/ 1 year) = 347.1598415 gallons / year

  • NOW ask:

  • What is the Kw energy loss if the One Drop were a Hot water resource?

Now review the following recently published article

As much as 80% of water isn’t used for drinking or bathing.

A Rain Water Harvesting implementation can cost less than drilling a home water well. Providing an ROI in as few as 5-7 years.

Coming soon, a complete RainWater Harvesting infrastructure kit.


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