Posted by: rainworks | June 29, 2015

Crypto Parasite Outbreaks Increasing in Fresh Water Swimming Pools

‘Crypto’ Parasite Outbreaks Increasing in Pools Across US

LiveScience – By Rachael Rettner'Crypto' Parasite Outbreaks Increasing in Pools Across US

Now, what about Cryptosporidium in harvested rainwater?

Also as with potable rainwater we must utilize many preventive measures in providing a clean drinking water infrastructure. The captured rainwater should be the cleanest possible in the storage tank (cistern).This has been accomplished with the RainBean System Design With its dual stage debris diverter (particulate size above 1.0 micron) is separated out, and with the pre-filter (0.1 micron stainless steel) most of the Crypto hosting materials: sediment/debris is discharged. The captured rainwater is then directed toward the cistern. However, the RainBean System goes one step further, which includes a First Flush component; which collects a calculated amount of the roofs wash off water during the beginning of a rain event; it is slowly discharged as graywater. Thereafter, the remaining clean rainwater is re-directed to the point of entry (POE) of the storage cistern(s).

The total purpose of the system design is to have as near as possible; a potable water resource without having to occasionally clean out the cisterns. But when using fresh water from the cisterns as potable water, additional treatment is advised. Certainly Chlorine can be added to the cistern, but it does not kill all the Cryptosporidium, and leaves a bad taste. So at the point of use (POU), additional filters are required; a 20 micron sediment filter and a 0.5 micron Carbon Block filter will trap 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and even Guardia. Although for that ultimate confidence of potability; and most economically, a UV light system can be used. Another option, but more expensive is a whole house reverse Osmosis system.


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