Posted by: rainworks | April 19, 2015

Water Quality Puts ‘Iowa Nice’ to a Test

Brent Johnson straddling a tilled field and wetlands on his farm in Calhoun County, Iowa, one of three counties that have been sued over nitrates seeping into water supplies.                     Credit Ryan Donnell for The New York Times

Quandary, we need to make decisions about our food abundance and water quality. It’s not only question of balance, but the concept of working together. Do we promote GMO crops, and their required increase of Chemical fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides which reduces soil health? Or adopt Rain Water Harvesting projects to balance out the polluted existing water resources for a communities drinking water? Certainly many large buildings, barns, Storage parks, etc have large roof footprints for rainwater capture with hardly any nitrates. Is this a possible solution?

The following article points out the related crisis with our fresh water resources.

APRIL 18, 2015


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