Posted by: rainworks | March 22, 2010

National Geographic Water Crisis

 This is it folks, the front page: A Global Water Crisis. This is not just about me and my personal Rain Water Harvesting equipment designs, but it is for our childrens-children. I have been gleaning such information for the last 6 years, realizing we have continued water crises  equalling that of tragic moments such as; viruses, earthquakes, floods, and yes wars too.

Watch the video and be prepared to jump in and cool off this crisis.


Make special note of:  “How to Help April 2010 Taking Action”, This will lead you to hundreds of related references, or related resources of facts and information.

The April issue of National Geographic is available on newsstands from March 30, 2010. 

For starters:

March 15, 2010
National Geographic showcases WaterAid’s work in Ethiopia

The Burden of Thirst feature in National Geographic magazine’s April 2010 special water issue examines water scarcity in East Africa, and covers WaterAid’s program in Ethiopia.

Visit to read the article. From March 22 to April 2, 2010 the issue can also be downloaded for free at .


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