Posted by: rainworks | December 9, 2009

Rainwater, Graywater, Blackwater; a Sustainable composting solution

Starting with the most pure source of fresh water; Rainwater, it is slowly turned into Graywater, and then can even become beneficial Blackwater.

This process can be made into a sustainable solution for the success of our planet. As the rain touches the earth (or our rooftops) it soon becomes adulterated with contaminations. Some of these contaminations are derived naturally as dissolved minerals; and many are induced into our fresh water sources by invertebrates and vertebrae’s, but many of these contaminates will hinder our sustainability and are created by the human species. It is now that we adopt more environmentally sound judgments accepting the findings of Science over that of Politicians and their Special Interests.

As Rainwater is initially a pure, clean and a soft water resource, it is key to our life support as we know it. It’s what we seek on Mars and now our moon. As the rain touches down on the planet, it either saturates into the earth, or is captured in reservoirs, such as puddles, ponds, and lakes. At this point it takes on natural contaminations from the earth’s surface and subsurface, from surrounding rivers and streams which enter from pastures, forests, or other natural wildlife habitats. However due to the high concentrations of; exploited natural elements, chemical compounds, and other pollutants from human development and industrial practices; chemical these concentrated contaminates are also added to the original Rainwater, making it Graywater or just simply; dirty water.

If bacteria or pathogenic contaminations are introduced into the water, that water becomes unusable for human consumption. The human body is not as adaptable to many of these biological contaminates. It therefore becomes known as Blackwater, this water can come from our toilets, kitchen sinks, or other sources which may be used for the production of meats or seafood’s.

Ever wonder why a dog or cat can lick their whole and complete body, and never get sick? These animals can also drink from just about any puddle or stream and survive well, their intestinal tract is colonized by benign bacteria.

On the other hand; we Humans must have clean and pure water to survive. So far we have adopted energy inefficient, and extraneous industrialized methods to reprocess the water we have contaminated struggling to make clean water possible to sustain our existence. We have included processing deep well water and ground water from our rivers, lakes and reservoirs as our water resource. We have created a monster shopping center isle full of bottled water which is highly suspect in energy waste, toxic materials and even pollution. But still we end up with; Salmonella, E coli, and a myriad of other illnesses which require hospitalization or maybe even cause death. Most bacteria are benign (benign = good, friendly, kind) or beneficial and colonize the human intestinal tract, and only a few are “bad guys” (Pathogen: a disease-causing organism). Water borne pathogens are frequently a result of fecal matter from sewage discharges, leaking septic tanks, and runoff from animal feedlots into bodies of water be it our drinking water reservoirs or even our swimming areas.

Simply: Black water is considered sewer water. Too much of our expensive drinking water is wasted as it used to flush our toilets. Graywater should be used instead recycling Graywater, making it useful again and again. Maybe the resulting water is not potable water, but it can again be recycled as a resource for some agricultural or industrial uses.

Blackwater within its initial solids (fecal matter) will evaporate over time and natural beneficial bacteria will breakdown the resulting materials killing off the bad pathogens and result in highly organic compost. Another resulting sustainable resource for Agricultural and Landscaping uses!

Therefore, it is possible on a smaller scale, (other than that of the concentrations of large cities), to capture Rainwater as a potable and Graywater resource and also compost our personal human waste and reuse it, creating Green Jobs at home everywhere on this planet.

I have personally used commercial composting toilets for more than 4 years, and lived in a neighborhood where a 7 room B&B continues to survive well after 10 years, using a composting toilet infrastructure.

From here I lead you into the following recent published news story:



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